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Mirrorball coming next year

Mirrorball, an anthology of writing inspired by Taylor Swift's Folklore coming soon to a bookshelf near you! EastOver Press will publish with co-editors Chiwan Choi and Michelle Grondine.

A black-and-white image of lacy Spanish moss on a tree branch
Spanish Moss - New Orleans

"I was so ahead of the curve, the curve became a sphere

Fell behind on my classmates, and I ended up here

Pouring out my heart to a stranger

But I didn't pour the whiskey" - This Is Me Trying

It began with a Facebook post, which sounds very improbable even as I type it now. Chiwan Choi, the gifted poet and author of one of my favorite collections The Yellow House, posited that those of us who...erm...responded...uh...favorably to Taylor Swift's Folklore put our words together, publish a collection of essays, poems, etc. inspired by our collective favorite pandemic survival strategy. I mean, beyond masking, distancing, and Pfizer.

I've drafted two poems, a hybrid piece, and an essay. Keep an eye out next fall. That means you, Dr. Taylor Allison Swift.

Chiwan Choi on Facebook: BIG FUCKING NEWS: remember that Taylor Swift anthology idea I came up with during pandemic? Mirrorball? Well...I just signed a contract with EastOver Press to do it.
Chiwan's announcement of Mirrorball


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