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Novel progress

I spent a couple of days at Semiahmoo Resort over the holiday break writing, thinking about writing, organizing my novel, setting up a plan to finish it, and figuring out its reason to exist. I think it has its why now. I wrote the ending already. So it's time to rise-n-grind, the daily ugh of getting it down and making it sing.

A close up image of large nautical chains.
Chunky chain.

A journal, Jenn Givhan's Prompts to Unlock Transformation (book), and Matt Bell's Refuse to be Done.
Jenn Givhan and Matt Bell represent.

A weather-beaten old metal shed with a rusted roof on pilings over the water.
Textures and reflections everywhere

An old cannery building with a rusted roof and old reflective windows.
Early morning light.

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