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Web Treasures | Brevity

Updated: Feb 18, 2018

stories, poems, and essays from all around the web that are well worth reading.

As and avid reader and as fiction editor of Contrary Magazine, I read a lot of great work on the web. I'll share my favorites on a regular basis.

This is Survival by Felda Brown, a nonfiction stunner from Brevity. Dinty Moore does an amazing job editing at Brevity, and this gem is no exception.

“Hold on, pine tree, for your hundred years, maybe two hundred. Wait out the thunderstorms. No, waiting is a kind of longing, so I must instead ask for repetitive needling, shedding, I must ask for cones, which contain the longing but don’t themselves long. The longing is bigger, and swallows its own tail, so to speak.”


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